To put in a single sentence, I would describe it as an putting 7k bucks into drainage. With the intention of “app”ing i applied to the take test after an utter FLOP the first time i took it. Not to mention i put a paltry 1180 the first time i took it. After an unexpected turn of events and a very bad intern (academic wise), I dropped the idea of “app”ing. This is the first important decision that i was taking in my life. I was getting really troubled since the 6th semester as to what i should be doing when i am out of the IIT.
Today 28th august 2008 I got 1250 in GRE, In case you were wondering how it would compare to what others get, ITS WORSE. At least i was happy i was forced not to app. That would mean one less option after IIT. The options that i have now would be cracking CAT which now literally seems impossible and the other is to get a good job. I feel like slogging it out day and nite now that i have one option less. Hope all’s well