On the day where most awesome cars in F1 couldn’t perform well on the Monza (italy) circuit, Sabastien vettel an young rookie became the youngest racer in F1 to win a grand prix. He was not only the pole setter in this event, but the youngest one do so. He achieved this in a car which did not have all the great performance features, the multi millon budgeted teams like Ferrari or the Mclaren Mercedes had. Though being a ferrari fanatic i really loved seeing vettel win this in great style, from pole to finish.
The entire race was a wet one which meant the once called Minardi, now Toro Rosso team did not have much of an disadvantge when compared to the previous races. Nevertheless they were technically bad compared to the likes of the ferrari. It incidentally was the first win for a team that struggled even to score a single championship point. The way vettel drove inspires me to what one can achieve with strong determination and will power. These qualities are what places him in one of my admirers list.
It could just be the beginning of what could be a dominating career for vettel in the years to come. Not to forget even Michael Shumacher and Fernando Alonso also started their debut with the Minardi team. I would love to see him achieve the championship in the years to come.