All of a sudden i was google-ing about the horrible rains in mumbai and i came across some awesome pics. Bewildered i did some research and found out about Korigad fort and its magic splendour especially in the monsoons. Fed up of the routine weekday — weekend way of life, i wanted to get away, to brace the awesome nature beyond the concrete jungle. Since my previous experiences with trekking were horrible i wanted to make a fresh start with an easy trek.
We started at 5:30 in the morning from Malad and reached Dadar, to board the 7 AM Intercity express to Pune.
We reached Lonavala at around 9 in the morning. We hired a omni and started towards our base camp at Peth-Shahpur, about 30 kms from lonavala and a 5 km distance from the Sahara’s ambavane (or the so famously called the Amby Valley)

The journey was spectacularly awesome with dense mist all around. The visibility was as bad as 5 meters even at lower altitudes. All we could see all along was a thick dense mist and every now and then when the wind blew we could see the amazing beauty of the region. Different shades of green was all i could see in what ever direction i looked at. As we went on a few Kms ahead, the mist got thicker and the driver was now driving literally blind folded. It was a thrilling ride and equally scary!!
Luckily there was a good breeze and the mist vanished in a matter of seconds and we were treated to some breath taking views of the entire valley! uncountable waterfalls, continuous stretch of hills fully covered with a thick green blanket. One hour from lonavala we were at shahpur, from where we could see the enormous mountain that stood before us. We could the see the walls of the fort from below. Korigad was a famous fort built at 3094 feet above sea level by Sivaji in 1657. Like every hill we passed on our way, this one was also covered by a thick dense green blanket of grass and mosses.
Before we could get to the easiest part of the climb, the stairs, we had to wade our way through thick confusing jungle full of bamboo trees, small streams of water and loose rocks. After navigating through the all the thick forestation, we reached the stone steps that were laid all the way to the top of the fort. 40 mins of slow climbing, we reached the top of the fort. We were astonished to what we found; a huge flat area that even had 2 very big lakes.

 At the perimeter of the entire mountain was the very long fence laid in stone. One could walk the entire perimeter on the stone fence.

The view from there was just mind blowing. We were at the same altitude of the clouds, possible little higher. As i stood on the fence i could see the rain bearing clouds whizz by. Every now and then i could see droplets of water being blown up the mountain and hitting me like small pellets. I stood there for 30 mins admiring the awesome beauty of the amby valley and the occasional cloud that came by. The clouds were ascending upwards in order to cross the mountain and the very top where i was standing they moved horizontally.
As the breeze started to get stronger i got down and started looking for some shelter.

After sometime i could barely walk. The moment i lifted one leg, i felt as if i would get blown away. All i could do was bend down and hope the winds did not get more stronger. After some struggle i found a small cottage which turned out to be a shiva’s temple. I took shelter for a while inside the small room, and quickly dozed off. In a while the winds subsided and i took a small walk along the perimeter. As the winds started to threaten again, we decided to call it a day and started our way back. The descent was more trickier than we expected. The stone steps were wet and were slippery. 1 hour later we safely reached the base camp and we started our way back at 3PM. We stopped near bushi dam and had a good lunch. It was raining so heavily that we decided to go back.

We reached lonavala at 5PM. All of us were shivering in the wet clothes. We were foolish enough not to get an extra pair. After some shopping we reached lonavala station at about 5:30. We had our train booking at 7:30 PM. My feet started to get cold and turn white. After a deperate attempt to find some alternative i got some clothes at a reasonable bargain just outside the station. Luckily the waiting hall at the station was awesome and warm. We took rest for a while and started our back home.
After reaching at 10.30 I took a good dinner and put on a crocin hoping i would not catch on to any cold or fever!!