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Saturday, 14th November 2010, We (ravi and myself) decided to go to kashid and started from at 2PM. We took the ferry from Gateway of India to mandwe. We boarded the ajanta ferry, which was overloaded with people. The ride to mandwe was very scary and every time a big wave came by, the boat threatened to topple!!
15 mins into the ride, we saw a huge defense ship zoom past our boat creating huge ripples that started rocking the boat. I was literally praying for nothing to happen. The safety of the passengers is really a concern, given that there were no flotation aids on the boat.
Link to pics @ picasa
We were at the mercy of the waves for about 75 mins before we reached Mandwe. We then took the free bus to Alibagh and got off at a place called Chondi. It was a small village en route to alibagh, from where we took the auto to the Kihim beach. We reached chondi at around 6:20 and the sun was about to set. The view was too awesome and we desperately wanted to get to the beach by sunset. The auto wala tried his best in a 15 year old auto on a road that was very bad. We reached Kihim only to find out that the sun just set! A bad miss :|

A few mins later, we were joined by my old school friend Sam. The beach was quiet and there were hardly 15 people along the beach that was roughly half a kilometer in length. We sat on a small parapet wall close to the beach enjoying the awesome moonlight and the stars that you very rarely find in mumbai. We gossiped till there were no one on the beach and then slowly started our way back in search of some delicious sea food. Luckily we met an old lady who offered us some traditional fish fry for 80 bucks at her house. We had an awesome pomfret fry and then took shelter at Sam’s house which was a 15 min walk from the beach.
The plan was to get up early in the morning, go to kashid and return to alibagh by 4Pm so that we could get the ferry back to gateway. As usual, we got up late and by the time we reaches alibagh it was 10Am. We then decided to go to the nearest beach @ Nagaon. The sun was beating on us heavily and we decided not to spend much time in the waters. After a while Sam and Synti took to water sports which they thoroughly seemed to enjoy :P
We reached Alibagh by 3PM, had our lunch and started our way back home, which is should say was one of the memorable journeys ever. Once we were on the ferry, sea gulls started flocking behind the boat and when people started offering kurkure to the sea gulls, they startled everyone with their quick reflexes and wonderful display of catching skills! The scenes were amazing and were a photographers dream to capture. The setting sun, the golden waters, the beautiful sea gulls flying at a hands distance and the very costly designer boats were a treat to watch. Time flew by very fast and within an hour we were at the gateway of india once again.

Almost 2 years back, when i first saw the young Vettel winning a wet race on minardi, I started admiring him. And now he becomes the youngest ever formula 1 champion after winning the Abu Dhabhi GP in great style (pole to finish). What a great season it turned out to be this time with the last race being a four way battle for the title. Vettel was the true worthy champion at the end. He had a record equalling 10 pole positions and even with his ill fated luck this season (with his highly unreliable car) he emerged the champion. A special quality in Vettel that i admire him for: his gutty determination and everlasting hope to succeed. Given the way he crawled his way back from 4th place in the championship with 3 wins of the last 4 GP’s, he inspires me never to lose hope and always give it the best no matter what the conditions are.. Truly amazing you are: Vettel!