Almost 2 years back, when i first saw the young Vettel winning a wet race on minardi, I started admiring him. And now he becomes the youngest ever formula 1 champion after winning the Abu Dhabhi GP in great style (pole to finish). What a great season it turned out to be this time with the last race being a four way battle for the title. Vettel was the true worthy champion at the end. He had a record equalling 10 pole positions and even with his ill fated luck this season (with his highly unreliable car) he emerged the champion. A special quality in Vettel that i admire him for: his gutty determination and everlasting hope to succeed. Given the way he crawled his way back from 4th place in the championship with 3 wins of the last 4 GP’s, he inspires me never to lose hope and always give it the best no matter what the conditions are.. Truly amazing you are: Vettel!


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