I was in nellore happily enjoying with my cousins when i suddenly remembered that the results were due tomorrow. I was very nervous, given that i had a very bad outing at the PI session. I literally had no hope, but I was still very very nervous. These days i had been used to taking a lot of failures but never actually took them seriously. But a day later when i realized that i was bumped by IIMB i felt sad. My efforts for a good part of 2 months had gone to drain.
I strongly feel its time to start some serious effort into building a career of my own. Only when i realized how much effort i put in the last few months for IIMB, i start to wonder how much time i had wasted for a good part of 18 months since i joined in Morgan Stanley. The last few months have taught me that nothing in life comes for free and there is no shortcut to success.
I wish i take this failure very seriously and work hard to achieve something. Its high time i got rid of my addiction – GAMING and start to work on my skills. Gaming is slowly but surely taking a toll on my life. There are a lot of things i could have done in the past 18 months and i haven’t. Last 18 months were a great fun and i just cant keep having fun all the time without spending some time on my career. I wanna go ahead and achieve something and hope this bump to be best thing that could have happened to me in the recent past. I really HOPE! :|

P.S: Wrote the above with a lot of positive urge to do something and achieve something.
(with some inspiration from the talk with bhargav — 23rd April)

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