Sitting idle and bored at home i decided to buy LG optimus one and do some time pass with it. It was one phone i did a lot of research weeks before but decided against buying it, as it did not look like the “love at first” sight phone. Hesitatingly i bought the phone and once i sat down to play with it i realized what a gadget it was! just amazing. It was both the combination of an on board GPU and the power of android 2.2 (codenamed froyo), that amazed me. Being a tech enthusiast myself, i feel sad to have missed the android bandwagon when it was introduced more than a year ago. I doubt there would anyone who would not fall in love with the OS (open source at its very best)
It was the costliest phone i had bought till now costing me 10,370 INR. For more detailed specs of the phone look at GSM ARENA
Its a wonderful beast with 600 Mhz CPU and a dedicated Adereno 200 GPU (more than enough juice to run all the common apps out there in the market).
There are thousands and thousands of apps available in the android market just for every and anything that you can think of doing on your mobile. And the open source policy of android means you get everything for free( but with ads :( ) without any hacking or pirating. Some of the apps, mostly all the good games, do come at a premium. I almost spent 10 hrs at a stretch playing and exploring my mobile the very first day i got it. The touch screen on this one feels so cool and responsive than that of my old mobile Samsung Star (resistive touch screen)
Here is a list of all the very cool features/apps i found on my mobile: (this list is in no way exhaustive)
1. Contacts automatically get synced up with Google account and Facebook account. Absolutely amazing feature to have. I had no contacts on my mobile and once i logged onto my FB account, i had the phone numbers of all my friends along with their profile pics automatically! That means you no longer need to keep status messages like – New Phone | Please ping me your number :P
2. All the necessary social networking that you do on a comp is now so convenient with all the cool apps and widgets that come with android.
3. Skype: I dont think this needs any introduction :)
4. Dropbox: store any files you need online and then access it through your PC
5. Advanced Task killer: must needed app to clear all the running apps to free up memory
6. Gtasks: Good organizer on the run
7. Raaga: One can access all the latest songs free of cost (good for south indian languages n hindi)
8. Angry birds: The best game on android now
9. Aldiko Book library: I could get all the classic novels free of cost. The UI is cool and the font is apt for reading on a phone
10. Google Maps: You will never get lost with this intuitive and user friendly app
11. Think Free Office: for all the document editing/ viewing needs on the fly

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