Time and again i find myself in some sort of stress or the other. I always keep asking me what do I do get rid of it. I think of Yoga and meditation for a while, but then am too lazy to do that on a daily basis.
Bored at home i was watching the 4th edition of IPL between the RCB and Kochi and i noticed the way DeVilliers was playing. Towards the end when RCB had an uphill task of chasing down 60 odd runs in 35 balls, he constantly went down to his partner and kept on passing a funny comments making saurabh tiwary smile often. RCB eventually won the match and quite comfortably as DeVilliers guided RCB home.
I had never tried to smile whenever i was stressed out. I generally keep to myself constantly aggravating the scenario hoping for a miracle to happen. Most often than not i have been lucky to have had miracles that got me out of these scenarios. I hope to have finally found an alternate stress buster ” smile and make smiles ” :)
Hope this helps when i am in stressed the next time

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