I got up at 7 AM, pretty late for YHAI standards. Within an hour we were all packed and this time we did not have a packed lunch as they expected us to reach the base camp by noon. We clicked a lot of pics and i got a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of the camp. I felt very sad i couldn’t enjoy the beauty prior day thanks to my fever. I got a few pics clicked while i was in air and started our descent almost by 9 AM.



The days trek was so easy and straight forward that there was no guide for us today. The awesome group that we are, Guess What!! – WE got LOST!! SP-12 we rock. It took an hour before we figured our way out again. On my way i was lucky enough to see a white horse and pat its back :) Since Karthik had to catch a bus early we all left others and walked fast. Ninoy was at his singing best with Bhargav and Jishnu helping him. 2 hr walk and we reached a village. We were happy that we reached civilization. One some enquiry we realized we had to walk another hour across the dam on the valley to get to Barsaani.

After a long walk in the sun it was almost 1Pm when we reached the bus stand. We met the Gujarati students there who asked us to wait till the entire group arrives so that we have good fun. I was so hungry that i wanted to take a bus to Manikaran and eat there. Due to some differences we stayed back and hoped to find some hotels there. After a half an hour we realized we had nothing there and took a cab to manikaran. There we had lunch and then decided to visit the hot water springs of manikaran. We went to the hot water springs and they smelled heavily of sulphur. The water were very very hot and bubbling. We all decided that it was too dangerous to take a bath in boiling sulphur water and then took a bath to kasol.

By 5 PM we reached Kasol and were greeted by Mithun.  We were waiting for the others to arrive so that we can shout and have fun. In the mean while we met Adithya, camp leader who suggested we leave the base camp immediately and go to Kullu/Bhunter where we can do White water rafting early in the morning. The water in Parvati river were all dirty because of a de-silting activity near the dam in barsaani and hence all the water at the camp were all muddy. Not risking any further damage we all decided to head to a comfortable hotel.

We all checked out by 6 and left for Kullu. We got onto the bus and then debated whether to go to Kullu or to Bhunter. Our debate was short lived as the conductor said the bus only goes till Bhunter. We reached bhunter at 7:30 and checked into Hotel Malabar near the bus stand. I had an amazing half an hour shower in hot water and really enjoyed a nice 12 hr sleep on the cozy bed. It was one hard earned lovely sleep to end the trip :) :) :)



P.S: My heart felt apologies for ditching the rest of SP-12 and leaving everyone without a formal Good Bye.


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