Even though we knew we had to get up at 6.00 AM in the morning, none of us had kept the alarm assuming that the bed tea will be served to us in the morning. But YHAI’s concept of bed tea was a little weird. Bed tea means that tea will be kept near the kitchen and you had to go and fetch it!! I just ran out straight from bed after we were scolded for reporting in line late at 6.00. After a good dose from the field trainer we ran (walked i should say :P ) till the exercise ground where we were made to do all sorts of exercises. I skipped most of those still yawning and scolding the guys in my mind for waking me up so early in the morning. I later then did a few exercises and ended up almost vomiting, thanks to the frog jump that we were asked to do. It looked exciting at the start but after a few jumps everything went wrong :|

View of the Parvati valley

We then went back, had our breakfast and packed 2 thick woolen blankets in our rucksacks and went out on what was an acclimatization walk, a sample of what we were to face. 2 blankets along with a Litre of water made the backpack very heavy. Our group were named SP-12 (Sarpass 12); It was a such a boring name that we named our own group the “3G” – GG Group :D

The trek was so easy that we reached the top in good shape in about an hour. It was an 3 km uphill walk  with an altitude gain of 500 ft. The view of the parvati river and the snow clad mountain peak through the pine trees was a treat to the eyes. The hustling of river parvati and the koo-ing of the birds in absolute silence was so soothing that i instantly fell in love with where i was. We then had a small social gathering, picked a leader – Tejammul, a six and half well built kashmir lad who had good trekking experience before.  We all talked what we would be doing for the camp fire later tonight and then trekked back by lunch time.

We went to nearby shops to do some last minute shopping for the trek and attended the briefing about the tour by the field director. Later in the night after dinner we had our camp fire and what more — ninoy hosting it!! :)   The programme started with everyone shouting Fire Fire — Camp fire!! As weird as it sounds, the concept of having a camp fire without the actual fire was something beyond me. YHAI had a rule of not burning wood. After some good fun we slept early and this time with an alarm.

Day 2 also began with me getting up late and running for the line with shoes in hand. No alarm has an impact on me.. :D Our Co director decided it was time he took on the exercise duties and started teaching a new set of exercises. They were a lot easy and we could do it without breaking a sweat. After breakfast we went on for a session of rock climbing. The rock face was close to a vertical climb and we were taught the theory of rock climbing.. blah blah blah.. I did not listen to even a bit and then saw the trainers climb up the rock so easily.

Very soon bhargav went up the rock and even he struggled getting to the top of it. Rena and polls soon followed and then went synti. He was the only one who without taking the support of anyone finished the climb. Jishnu then went for the climb and slipped a lot in the starting. That got me very tensed as i was very doubtful of clearing it. My only worry was making a mess of the climb and embarrassing myself. Ninoy went before me and as i saw him struggling i started to get tensed. I could not do a single push up and i weighed a bit more than 80. Those fact made me more nervous as the trainer tied the rope round my waist.

I set off quite slowing and slipping around 3 times in total. I made my way up as my friends kept on cheering. Quite surprisingly i found rock climbing easier than doing push ups and that gave me the confidence of getting to the top. At the last climb i took the help of the trainer who then pushed me up by giving me a good foot hold to climb on to. I felt very happy when i finally finished it that i wanted to do it once more.. (Given the energy it drains, I would have fainted if i did it again :P )

After lunch we came back for rappelling and then there was the stupid boring theory again. But rappelling looked much simpler and easy to do. I soon went up to rappel my way down and on the instructions of my trainer i was asked to lean back and stay almost parallel to the ground. It was very very scary and i refused. The trainer asked me to let go of the rope then. I was yelling back to him. After a while i did as he said and thanks to the safety equipment i did not fall down. This gave me enough confidence to get back down safely.


We later went back to our camps and did our final packing. We had dinner and were ready to get on witho our trek starting tomorrow!! Finally some action – Yippie!!


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