Even though we all had gotten up early, we couldn’t start till 9:30. Apparently yesterday’s extra climb meant that we had to climb even less. For the first time we had sights on where we had to go right from the beginning. It seemed too easy after all that we endured to get to Ratnapani. The entire climb was very steep and short. We only had to do climbing and very little walking. All throughout the journey we had breath taking views of the entire valley and the trails that we took the past few days.

Midway we crossed the 11500 ft mark which meant we were in the terrain classified as extremely high altitude. The snow was so near to us now that made us all the more exciting. After some good no of pics on the way and some pretty steep climb we came to the Lunch point. We ate the lunch and started on a very dangerous and steep climb. When ever i looked down the view was scary, there was nothing on the sides – just an infinite abyss. Lucky to be at the start of the pack i could climb it without any fuss and just after the climb i was treated to an awesome view that i will not forget for a while. It was simply superb and mind blowing.

I stopped there for a while enjoyed the nature and the amazing wind that blew over. Then we started the climb again. In 30 more minutes we reached Nagaru at 2.30. The camp was in the midst of a snow ocean. Everywhere i looked I could see at least 3 layers of mountains all covered in snow. We were all tired and also happy that we had done a remarkable 6000 ft in 4 days. The remaining time was spent looking at the awesome skies, beautiful peaks and unpredictable weather. It rained for a while and within 10 minutes there were clear skies!! amazing!!


We had an early dinner at 6:30 and slept an hour later as we had to get up at 2:30 the next day for the mother of all treks the SARPASS!!

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