Getting up early started to become a lot easier as i got up at 6.00 AM with ease. But by the time everyone was ready, had breakfast and packed our lunches it was 9.00 Am. The Camp leader had briefed us that this was a easy and peaceful trek for about 4 hours. We started our trek by a quick descent and then a long walk along the stream. After an hour of walking along the stream, we trekked upwards. The gradients weren’t big and we were going at a good pace. We trekked for next 2 hours literally without stopping anywhere.

My legs started to complain probably because of yesterday’s tough climb, but the sight of snow and we getting close to it urged me on. soon we were at the lunch point at around 12:30. I really loved the lunch but i had packed too less that i was hungry for more. I had an awesome omelette and took a short nap. Then some one suggested if we got to the Padri early we could go to the glacier near by. We all got up in an instant and started trekking again. Soon we hit a small patch of snow by the stream. It was at a 60 degree slope. I was so excited i ran towards it and slipped the moment i put my leg in snow. I tried crawling on lit and still no use, I slipped again. Thanks to Tanvir and Tejamul who taught the tricks of the trade I climbed it up with ease :)

Snow climbing was awesome. But getting off it was even tougher.  After a pose i tried getting down and slipped straight through :P Thanks to the softness of snow nothing happened to me and then we took off. Ninoy tried a stunt with his rucksack trying to cross the stream and slipped right into the stream. Apart from this eventful thing there were no more causalities. We reached Padri by 3Pm and were amazed by the beautiful meadows.

It was a long meadow, from where we could see the wild horses, cows and numerous glaciers. Aditya the camp leader promised to take us to the glacier near by. I was really excited. We had to trek for an additional 30 minutes before we reached the AWESOMENESS. The stream had completely frozen from the top. There was a 10 ft thick layer of ice below which the water was flowing through. It was not as white as i had imagined probably because of the dry leaves that covered the ice. Walking on it was tough as often i used to slip. We walked on for like 10 minutes and soon we saw a small hillock from the top of which every one tried the slide. The child in us came out and was running wild.

My first slide in snow and it was absolutely amazing. My entire pant became wet and even though i wanted to do it again, I did not do it as i did not want to risk a cold or fever. After playing around for a while we came back to our tents. Ninoy was busy drying all his stuff, missing the trip to the glacier. On our way back we found a lot of skeletons of horses and ox and came up some great hypothesis as to why and how they came to being :P




Later Adithya told us that a bear cub was on loose and it’s mother was running wild in the forest in search of its cub. Ninoy freaked out this information and got all of us to panic. We had our dinner and synti then took out his cam and got  some good pics of the moon before we all slept hoping not to have an encounter with the bear.

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