Wednesday afternoon, I was busy working in office excited about the trek to the Himalayas. Since a week i had been doing enough preparation, buying necessary stuff and keeping myself both mentally and physically fit. At 4PM Synti and myself started for the airport to meet Rena there. We had a flight to Delhi later in the evening. I had been wondering all the while as to what i had forgotten that day – only to realize i forgot my ATM card in the machine @ office!! Just for the record, I had not done atleast one trip till now without forgetting/losing anything!!

We reached Delhi by around 9 PM and in an hour we caught up with the rest of our gang (Polls, Bhargav, Jishnu and Ninoy) who were waiting outside in an Innova. We immediately took off from Delhi and went about talking in our typical IIT-ian way – lol!! We soon changed topic to philosophy and soon Bhargav and Ninoy were in the midst of all the action. We talked about passion, how and where we would find it!, and about what we learnt in the past few years after we all left for our jobs. We went on and on till we reached Chandigarh by dawn and then we had to change into a Tavera.


Chandigarh will need a special mention for being the most beautiful and well planned city I have across till date in India. The wide roads and tress on either side to it and hills on one side, with sun just rising over the horizon – It was just magical. Since i hadn’t slept all night I quickly dozed off after clicking a few snaps. I was trying to sleep at the rear end of the Tavera and thanks to the aweful suspension it had i couldn’t sleep at all!! The entire route was very scenic, with amazing mountains, beautiful valleys and rivers. We saw Sutlej and Beas, and close to 6 hydro power projects on them!


Then came the best part of the trip where we had to go through a 4 km tunnel just on the outskirts of the town Aut. It was spectacular and as we went through the tunnel freezing winds at 12 in the afternoon greeted us to the Himalayas. We later had lunch and slowly took off towards Kasol. We had to take a diversion at Bhunter from the Kullu – Manali Highway towards Manikaran.

The journey from Bhunter to Kasol was very scary. The driver started to drive rashly as he was getting late for another pickup. Synti added to the misery shouting and screaming every time the driver took a hard turn. The entire route was scenic as we travelled along the Parvati river till we reached Kasol by 4 PM. We were soon done with all the paper work and later we were given couple of blankets and a tent to stay. We had a very good dinner there and slept early as everyone was tired during the 15 hr journey!

Our next 9 days of Trek: Click on links to read more
Day 1&2 : Acclimatization, Orientation, Rock Climbing & Reppelling
Day 3 : Trek to Youth Hostel Grahan– Ht. 7700 ft. (09 kms) 8 hrs.
Day 4 : Trek to Youth Hostel Padri – Ht. 8900 ft. (10 kms) 7 hrs.
Day 5 : Trek to Youth Hostel RatnaPani – Ht. 10700 ft.(07 kms) 9 hrs.
Day 6 : Trek to Youth Hostel Nagaru – Ht. 12500 ft. (09 kms) 6 hrs
Day 7 : Trek to Youth Hostel Biskeri Thatch – Ht. 11000 ft. via Sar Pass (13800 ft.) (09 kms) 12 hrs
Day 8 : Trek to Youth Hostel Bhandak Thatch – Ht. 8000 ft. (10 kms) 7 hrs.
Day 9 : Trek up to Barshani Road – Back to civilization 6hrs

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After chilling out at hotel Malabar for a day, we took the evening bus to Delhi. We reached Delhi at 7 in the morning. I went straight to IITD to meet my sister and went about a small tour there. We later took the evening flight back to mumbai. I was so relieved to be back home after an amazing adventure – By far the best i have had till now!!

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