It has been nearly 6 months since I have had a weekend without an agenda! No preparing for GRE or GMAT or CAT, no weekend office work and no more app -ing. The thought of the same on friday got me scared. I hate getting bored and always love being busy ;)

I rang up Sam, very old school friend of mine to come to marine drive, where we would meet up after an year! After synti was done with his weekend football, we went to churchgate when the blistering sun decided to cool down. Synti wanted to eat chicken and after meeting up with sam, we went to the “Bademiyaan”. For those of you who are not familiar with this place, I would definitely suggest this place. It is a roadside eatery behind hotel Taj, near gateway of india, with the yummiest butter chicken I ever ate. People do come in all fancy cars, stop by to have some chicken there. Synti was on a high after he had his share of chicken and when a car passed by, he exclaimed – “See, i told you imported cars do come here!!”. Btw, that was a new model of TATA INDIanCAr ;)

After that lovely little trip on Synti, we went to marine drive to have natural ice-cream. Of-late natural is the only brand of ice-cream i am having, as I get the real fruit flavor when i have one. I took a double scoop (Kesar Pista and Roasted Almond) and enjoyed the ice-cream sitting on the marine drive facing the sea and enjoying the starry night in the cool sea breeze. It felt so awesome! and then, I realized why so many people go to marine drive just for the sake of going! :)

I was having an amazing time, before i realized time absolutely flew by and Synti was getting desperate for a game of DotA. I bid Sam adieu and returned home for a game of dotA. Synti played Alchemist and rock-ed it! A very good end to an awesome and peaceful weekend. I WANT MORE OF THOSE :)

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