Feb 19th Morning 9:45 slot

Getting a WIMWI call itself was a dream come true. I couldn’t sleep the previous night! prolly IIMC interview was haunting me or the fact that i was to be interviewed for IIMA was exciting. I woke up early (6AM) had roughly 4 hrs of sleep. But i was confident as i thought i just needed to give an interview. no WAT or GD!

I was with panel 1 and little did i know that WAT existed! I was shocked and very nervous.

Topic: From the inventions and discoveries of the past, which ones would you like to have under your name! (10 mins)

Thought for a minute. electric bulb came to my mind. Then did telephone. But later decided to write about bulb as i had only 9 mins left.

Wrote about edison and his invention of bulb – Increasing productive hours (work after sunset). How it inspired other physicists to invent other electrical devices and the industrial revolution that followed. Life with/without all the good gadgets we have and stuff.Even before i knew, 10 minutes were up and we submitted the forms.

I waited outside for about 2 hours as mine was the 6th interview for the day. I entered very nervous and excited.

P1: Male prof; P2: Female prof

P1: Ok, Mr. Nanda, you are a manager at morgan stanley. what is the organizational hierarchy?

Me: associate – sr Associate – Manager – Sr Manager – VP – …

P1: how long does it take on an average to get there ?

Me: 3-4 years. (proudly, I did it in 2 1/2 years)

P2: The other guy we interviewed earlier – he says grads get promoted straight through

Me: Not always sir. But we have an edge over laterals.

P2: why so?

Me:  I think we have a good network, thanks to our mentorship program and hence it is easier for us to grow and deliver

P2: you have no one reporting to you and still you are a manager??

Me: Ma’am, I was told on promotion that i was given the title for my project management skills and not people management skills!

P1: what do you do at work?

Me: told about my project.

P1: you report to Anil D’souza and he is a VP right? What other projects does he lead

Me: told something

P1: What is your daily work?

Me: started off telling about what i do, but then digressed and explained my Innovation club stuff!

P1: What is the motive of the club

Me: stammered a bit, and explained finally! ( should have told more confidently)

P1: Ok Nanda, Accountant + Electrical engg ( not again!!)  Can you help government with a Energy vision 2020 document?

Me: started off – was quickly interrupted

P1: take you time, i want a detailed report. write down if you please about the broad areas. we can go to specifics later.

Me: i wrote down: Current scenario, Current consumption patterns, consumer base, Estimated growth ( from five year plans), Energy technologies – feasible/ non feasible (if not what resources to make it feasible) , Estimated budget – Fund raising from capital/debt/equity markets

Then i explained the same for like 2-3 minutes as both the panelists listened peacefully.

P2: what % is current energy derived from thermal ?

Me: 60%

P2: Solar and wind energy

Me: around 5 %. India is a developing nation and doesnt have the resources for such huge investments

P1: can you explain where will you get tech from ?

Me: If we are not able to research by then , we can import sir

P1: what is the company in china producing solar power

Me: No idea sir

P1: it has been in the news, you should know it.

Me: sorry sir, must have missed it

P1: what is the efficiency of solar power?

Me: around 20%

P1: close! its actually half of that

P2: You mentioned about electric bulb and it influencing industrial revolution

Me: told that i read somewhere that physicists like Faraday (blunder) were inspired by the buzz around electric bulb to pursue other inventions.

(I was to realize, partially this is true, just that faraday was born 50 years before edison and edison was not the inventor of bulb!! It was found out years ago. Edison just made a long lasting bulb)

P2: What is this achievement of yours on farmers suicides?

Me: Explained. Passionately again. I was interrupted, but then as i was explaining keenly, they let me continue

P2: you also wrote about financial inclusion right ? What is the current scenario?

Me: explained about my village. (stammered quite a bit here)

P2: What about the suicides recently in AP?

Me: explained SHG and stuff in coastal India and they leading to Microfinance/ greed and stuff.

P2: that is not what i want. Why is it that only suicides are reported from AP? why not other states. Is something wrong there?

Me: explained that the 2 cases: cotton farmers suicides and microfinance suicides are not linked. coincident that both are from AP. But also told, the farmers suicides also happened in maharashtra and karnataka, where cotton is grown. mentioned that since i did not know the condition of the farmers in other states i couldn’t draw any comparision.

P2: you have a lot of “bridge” certificates. But i dont see that in hobby!

Me: i mentioned that in the extra curriculars part. So i wrote only chess in hobbies.

P2: you play both chess and bridge. Thats interesting!

P1: We are done with the interview. You can have a toffee and leave.

Me: thanks sir, thanks madam. Very gleefully picked up an eclairs! Wanted to store that as a memoir for life. but then couldnt resist the temptation of seeing a choc on an empty stomach :)

Overall I think the interview went decent, except for stammering here and there and the essay goof up! It was a feel good interview for 25 mins and the panelist nodded for every answer i gave (god knows what went right and what wrong!)

Whether i get through or not – Proud to be interviewed for WIMWI!! :P \m/

RESULT: Converted :) — April 16th 2012 :)

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