9.00Am slot – Hotel Sea Princess , JUHU

Was asked to come at 8.00 AM (did so! and waited for an hour :( )

Was 3rd in my panel and the essay started on time.

Topic: Media have focused on the disasters more often than not and that desensitizes people with the horrible scenes. (30 mins)

Wrote about how media helps people learn about why and how to protect themselves from these disasters. Then wrote about ppl have choice of what to see and what not! So its ok for media to focus on disasters provided they don’t cross the line and over emphasize on that. gave examples of tsunami, WTC attacks and  japanese earthquakes and the help media provided to mobilize people. Overall: 3/5

Was waiting outside when my name was called. I was so busy chatting with some one else that i did not notice! Made the panel to wait for a while though!

3 member panel, 1 lady (P1) and 2 male profs young (P2) and old (P3)

P2: Graduated in 2009 is it!?

Me: yes sir, from IITM in elec.

P2: what is the relation between what you studied and what you are doing! (oh no! not again. 4/4 times have been asked the same)

Me: putting them side by side, Not much to say there sir, But taking a step back, I learnt about a lot of stuff at IITM. It nurtured my math skills and blah blah blah!

P3: Maths! what maths do you use at work.

Me: told about number crunching for ledgers and stuff.

P2: why not Msc in math if you are interested.

Me: Did not think of that at the time i began work!

P2: What is this ledger engine?

Me: explained

P3: before we digress assuming it was for math you came to MS, why MBA?

Me: Sir, i want to work with the business. want to move out of IT. blah blah blah

P3: What were you options after IITM ?

Me: Sir, Initially i wanted to join a semiconductor firm and work in the digital verification area. But in the crisis of 2009, companies went bust. But i managed to get into MS with my skill set. Told him about my core strengths – number crunching, Logic and quick learning.

P3: isn’t this a better answer to your earlier question?

Me: yes sir. apologies for beating around the bush.

P3: suppose instead of 1 project that you are currently doing if you were to do 3 projects how will you grow?  Assume you have 3 more reportees

Me: sir, will analyze their skill sets and assign the work accordingly.

P3: if A is good in management and bad at coding. what will you do?

Me: will give him an organizational role. I will assign him the work of getting reqs from business and deciding on the deadlines. (geez! how dumb was i to give all my work to person A) All i said was i will keep assigning work – do nothing!

P2: what about this innovation club at morgan stanley.

Me: explained.

P3: how will you decide what benefit your club can do to morgan stanley.

Me: told him will remove redundancies and stuff.

P3: I want a quantitative answer.

Me: calculated for a sample scenario, hours saved and then * cost of resource = money saved for MS.

P1: The work for cotton farmers? is this your work or you just put it to make your SOP look good?

Me: explained what i did and how much of it was my work. Told them about all my achievements and helping reduce the number or suicides and stuff. (should have shown paper clippings! to convince them! they looked on as if i was faking :( )

P1: What is the reduction in the numbers? want a quantitative answer like before.

Me: No idea madam. atleast in the area i surveyed and tried my solution, there was not suicide after my work related to cotton crop.

P2: you seem to be very innovative. Why not work for the society instead of an MBA?

Me: sir, I need money to do anything. Especially, in charity you need money as an investment that yields no returns. That is my long term objective sir. I wish to grow a social network of successful people who will oblige to my requests for money (for charity). I wish to make the best of my ability to raise money.

P2: when did you start feeling the need for money?

Me: sir, from engineering sir. To help kids from my village with education, i need money. for their books, schooling and blah blah blah. Sir also, i wanted to setup a reverse osmosis plant for water purification. water in my district has too much fluorine. Showed them my teeth as a proof! (was so involved in explaining stuff! i started acting dumb!! geeeezz!!) The water purification plant needs money in excess of 6 lakh sir. hence my motive to earn.

All the panelists have a smile..

P3: we are done. Every one also nods. Do you have questions for us?

Me: No sir, not at this moment!

P2: you last chance to ask us (dunno what this meant! )

Me: Sir, I have friends at IIMB, whom i contacted for most of my doubts.

P1: oh! well you have all the answers then.

Me: yes, madam. most of my close friends stay there. (shouldn’t have said the same thing again and again!!)

P2: in that case, we are done. Thanks.

Me: Thanked everyone and left.

Was very happy that the interviews were over. Wanted to just go home and crash like anything!! Overall i felt the interview was peaceful. occasionally i bulbed heavily. But the biggest take away was that i am starting to feel less nervous. I started to take time for answering Q and cool my nerves in the interview.

In all an Amazing weekend. I absolutely cherish every moment of this exercise. I can chill out for a while probably for a month or 2 till the results come.

Result: Converted :)

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