18th Feb 1.00 PM slot.

GD started late at 3 PM as the panel werent done with their morning shift yet. I later realize why so!

GD and WAT topic: Media has been criticized that they are not giving due importance to important news and views, but rather they concentrate only on the Sensational news. Is media justified in doing so?

Essay 15 mins: wrote about revenue model of the media and how they need to conc on trp ratings to survive. Hence their emphasis on breaking news and stuff. Then wrote about they over doing stuff. Wrote about their responsibility to shape things in a better way

GD: entered a couple of times

1. Revenue model is forcing media to take the breaking news route

2. 52 runs short of Sachin’s 100th century on AAJ TAK — is in not taking this a bit too far?

3. Rural mindsets vs urban mind sets. rural ppl are prone to getting addicted to flashy stuff

4. Child nutrition campaign by TOI — started taking and realized it was not connected to the topic at all!! :P

Was asked to summarize 2nd — meaning i did not do well in GD :(

Struggled with summary too.. ended up stating the same points i told before with some examples quoted by others.

result (expectation) Essay – 3/5; GD 2/5

Was the first to be interviewed! So i was called before i could take a breather !

3 member panel

P1 : Loud voice – Stress panelist

P2: Older guy

p3: HR

Me: his holiness Mr. Awesomeness

P1: Tell me about yourself

Me: blah blah blah

P1: Elec –> Accouting at MS!! waste of 4 years

Me: with my past experience i thought its not worth defending. So i did not defend. I told him prolly there is not co-relation but if you step back and see, I hadn’t wasted my time. grew as an individual. Developed deep bonding with my other friends and had a lot of fun.

P1: Do you work for cost center of a profit center ?

Me: cost center sir

P1: difference being

Me: explained.

P1: So engineers after govt spending so much on them work for cost centers!! (Laughing)

Me: Sir, that is the reason why i want to do an MBA and get into a profit center. That is where i can do justice to my skill set.

P1: What is so hard in what you do ?

Me: explained my tech stuff – over simplified a bit so that P1 might understand

P1: School kids will do that!!

Me: sir, told him the complications.

P1: did you build all that or you maintain systems?

Me: Sir i built some of it. Told my contributions to ledger engine.

P1: Ledgers is childs stuff!! Some one gives you what to build and you build it! where is your expertise?

Me: I had to learn everything very fast and that is where they need IITians to do the work.

P1: I dont think you learn “quick learning” at IIT. You might be born with that talent. Why IIT? and why accounting ?

Me: Silence. I gave up!

P1: Assuming you are good at accounting, account for all the money that Govt spent on you since childhood

Me: did some calculations and did time value of money and arrived at 3 lakhs!!

P1: Govt spent more than that on you. What is IITM spending per year ?

Me: Dont know sir.

P1: Try calculating. What is studnt to prof ratio

Me: told him 100 students around 20 profs so 1:5

P3: (Passively looking at certificates till now) tries to correct me. Your batch is the only one studying at IITM

Me: Sorry sir, its around 500 in all!

P1: is that the only cost?

Me: infra costs also add up sir

P1: You are a bad accountant. you dont even consider land costs!

Me: Gave up again

P1: Assuming you are good at accounting, why IIMC? What will we teach you here?

Me: Finance is not all about accounting. blah blah blah!

P1: what is the wall street movement?

Me: occupy wall street

P1: do you support it?

Me: Yes sir, ibanks have taken public money and misused it

P1: (shouting) do you have the guts to tell this at office?

Me: Havent thought on those lines yet sir

P1: (loud) you dont have the guts even if had thought about it. you would lose your job.

Me: silent. ( I felt so bad and pained in life! )

P2: suddenly interrupts and asks me to explain my childhood achievement (soln to farmers suicides)

Me: Felt that this was the moment to explain and bring things back on track. Explained with a lot of passion and energy

P3: where was this passion while explaining your job?

Me: (not again!!) told him my achievements at childhood gave me lot of satisfaction and shaped me as an individual

Next 5 mins on what i did and so on.. (the only good part of my PI)

P2: you seem to know a lot of rural india. what is the diff betn mentalities of rural and urban in your opinion.

Me: rural ppl dont have access to info. Even if they do, they dont know what to do about it. If an educated person goes and tells rural guys to do something, they gleefully do that. and then gave a reference back to the GD.

P2: why did you not tell this wonderful point in GD

Me: it did not strike me then sir.

P3: I will give you a HR seat at IIMC. Join there. all you need is to improve your PR skills and then do social service. It gives you satisfaction too right?

Me: Sir, PR skills are not my ball game. I like number crunching, logical stuff and I can use my quick learning to my advantage in finance. I wish to build a good social network of successful ppl who can contribute money for a social cause. As i grow in the organization i will also earn money and access to higher strata of corporates.Ended up asking P3, sir, if i asked you money stating i will invest this for a social cause with no returns, would you invest in me ?

P3: you have a point

P1: (oh no!! he is back :( ) How many ppl will actually donate stuff after earning well?

Me: sir, i have been able to convince my friends to do that. I think there are enough ppl giving money for a social cause sir. Ex: Nandan Nilekani

P1: he does nothing!

Me: Father ferrer, Industrialist in spain donates a lot of money for the well being of my district sir.

P1: I got it now! you want to finance social projects later on in life?? In that case its justified for you to do finance at IIMC. You may leave now!

Me: Thanks sir. (did not know how to interpret the last sentence!! – well think positive and live to fight another day is all i can do!)


IIMA interview is tomorrow and have lot to prepare if i should not get a thrashing like today!! :)

RESULT: Converted :) — April 15th 2012



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