Place: Mumbai

Date: 9th Feb 2012, 2PM

Essay writitng:

Topic: What are men without women.

Essay was mediocre. Made a blunder of writing Manmohan Singh as not having married !! Took an example of Mahatma gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi. Then wrote about Women supporting men in walks of life. and then about leaders who did not marry. Had just about time to write the conclusion.

Rating: 3/5

GD: Same topic.

Made the same blunder of Manmohan singh not married :(

Spoke thrice in 15 mins!! – very bad experience

1. Mahatma gandhi example

2. Women protesting against alcohol to keep men at bay in AP

3. Abdul kalam and manmohan singh spending their lifes for the welfare of the country with getting married


Time: 10 mins

P1, P2: two panel members

P1: What does your name mean

Me: Lord Krishna

P2: Give me your certificates

P1: Tell me 5 similarities between you and Krishna

Me: Mischief when I was a Kid and a big smile follows :)

P1: What about now ??

Me: Childish traits have wearied off over time Sir.

P1: Is that bad?

Me: According to me NO sir.

P1: other 4 traits?

Me: Planning and Execution, Peseverance, Logic Ability and sometimes I am witty.

P1: Sometimes??

Me: Yes sir. I try to keep the teams spirits high when ever things are bad. Other wise i am serious :| P1 kept a face as if he did not understand

P1: Tell me how Electrical Engineering is helping you in your work?

Me: Told him math skills improved. What I was working in morgan.. Then carried away and started to boast about myself.. (Blunder)

P1: Am asking you how it helped??

Me: blah blah blah!! (P1 not convinced)

P1: You like math?? what do you like about it?

Me: I like application of theoretical math to solving practical problems..

P1: Example..

Me: Stutter.. P2 helps me with linear programming. I said OR. Transportation problems and stuff. Again stutter to explain what is a transportation problem

P2: What is North-west rule

Me: explained

P1: You have not mentioned Monthly remuneration

Me: wrote it down. (Not supposed to disclose that here :P )

P1: What if you may not get this much after MBA?

Me: Sir, Not interested in money. Want to work on the business side and  at the decision making end rather than the receiving end. Told him business is revenue generating and IT is cost saving. Focus on shifting from IT to business.

P2: How do you feel like to work at backend IT after studying at IITM and graduating with a good CGPA?

Me: My work has challenges of its own.

P1: explain.

Me. Told more about my work and stuff.

P1: Dont you think anyone can do all this stuff?? why an IIT-ian

Me: Tried to justify. P1 disagrees.

P1: As a layman i always wondered how power is generated? can you explain.

Me. Mechanical motion translated to Magnetic field. When it moves by Faraday and Lenz law, Electric current is generated to oppose this moving magnetic field.(inertia of motion)

P1: cant understand a thing.

Me: Tried explaining again. No effect :(

P2: How do you produce Mechanical motion to start with

Me: Burning coal for thermal Energy.

P2: How do you burn coal!!!@@

Me: By lighting it!! (God level) Everyone is laughing now!!

P2: how do you light it

Me: explained how to generate a spark. concept of current jump!

P1: using current to generate current !!?

Me: One time to start.. Once it starts, should be self sustaining.

P2: burning coal pushes the motor?

Me: Water is passed through. Heat energy is converted to Kinetic energy in Steam. That pushes the motor.

P1: Have you seen a power station??

Me: No sir.

P1: hasnt IITM taken you on field trips?

Me: no sir

P1: What else do you do?

Me: play chess and Bridge. I said these are incidentally the only mind games that are recognized by IOC

P1: Other games dont require mind??

Me: Misinterpreted this Q and replied that other games are not represented well enough to get the recognition. Probably he meant what about the other games recognised by IOC. Aren’t they mind involving.

P1: who is the world chess champion?

Me: Magnus Carlsen

P1: 2nd?

Me: no idea sir

P1: 3rd?

Me: Ahem. when i was about to say Krammik, P1 interupts and says what a dumb Q to ask. :(

P1: what place is Anand

Me: 4th Sir.

P1: What other calls do you have?

Me: A, B, C, I

P1: You may leave now.

Me: Thanks Sir.

Overall impression 3/5

Should have done better. Should reduce stuttering and listen to the Q’s carefully. Shouldn’t have answered more than what was asked.

Hoping to convert this! :)

RESULT : Converted :)

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