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Soon after my CMU admit I had already made up my mind of joining CMU. I wasn’t eagerly waiting for the IIM results! One fine morning IIMC released the results. That was the worst interview that happened according to me. My sister checked the results for me and told me I was 3rd on the waiting list!! That was a sure shot admit. Most of the top students get all the top 3 IIM admits and they prefer IIMA. So there was a high chance I would convert IIMC.

I took my entire team at office for a lunch at Little Italy for my CMU admit the same day. The treat had been pending for over a week now and finally everyone found the time out to come along. We had a lot of fun there and at the end I announced to the team that I almost made it to IIMC. The immediate response was “where is the next treat :P

I was very elated and was almost sure that I would clear IIMA and IIMB easily. I had done their interviews pretty well. The same day I began to wonder if in case I get IIMA would I change my mind and join there? I had been aiming to score well in CAT since 2008 and this was my 3rd attempt at it. I had finally done well in Verbal to get all the calls and had done well in my interviews too! Finally when the results were near I felt very uneasy ditching them.. IIMA had been my dream. Just attending the interview for WIMWI made me so happy that I would remember that moment for the rest of my life. I realized this would be a very tough call to make. Suddenly I began to pray not to get into IIMA.

I left home late and on my way Mayur called me up a couple of times. I thought that IIMB results were out too! Since I was on my way I gave him my test ID and he verified the results. He called me back to tell me that I had not made it. I was shell shocked. The interview went well. I had a decent profile and a very good CAT score too. I reached home in despair and wanted to check the results for myself. I looked my test ID and realized I had given the wrong one. The last two numbers had gotten interchanged. I keyed in the correct ID and then the result was there! I had made it through to IIMB. I called up Mayur to tell him I made it. The joy was there, so was the confusion too! What now of IIMA? The results were not out yet.

IIMA interview was near flawless. I had done extremely well, even to my expectations. I was 100% sure I would get through. I tried calling Sreejith and Namuna for some advice on IIMA without even waiting for the results. Next day morning my sister called me up when I was in the office to tell me I was selected to WIMWI too. I wasn’t as happy as the day of my interview. Confusion was all over me L 3 years of waiting and it was finally here. And all I do is not join?!? My manager and my teammates then congratulated me. Everyone reminded me as to how hard is it to get there. What were the odds that I would have made it to the top IIM’s? All the effort that went in to improve my English! From a 52%le in my first year to 85%le the second time and to 97.3%le the third time I took CAT, there was a remarkable improvement. Over 200,000 students gave the test and to score a 99.7%le was a great feat and then to have a strong enough profile to get interview calls and then convert all the three was just a dream come true for me.

I seriously started to consider joining IIMA over CMU and if I were to make the decision at this point in time I will be a WIMWI-an :)

April 3rd and its over a month since I had my IIM interviews. My interview for Masters in Computational Finance at Carnegie Mellon University went pretty well too. I was quite sure that I would get at least 2 IIM admits between IIMA / IIMB / IIMC and also that I would get the MSCF admit too!

So I was pretty sure that rejecting a Columbia admit wouldn’t prove that detrimental at the end. But I felt uneasy and disturbed. Wasn’t myself during the entire weekend eagerly waiting for the MSCF results. Last night I got a freakish dream where I imagined myself with no admits at all and I was repenting for my decision over Columbia. I woke up from the nightmare and was happy to realize it was only a dream. With so much hopes pinned on the result that were to be released on April 4th I came home early from work.

I refreshed my mailbox every 5 minutes and checked the CMU site very frequently. But no sight of any results.!! Soon when Synti came from work and I ask him for a game of DotA. We play the game together for a couple of hours and I totally forgot about the result. Just before going to sleep I checked my mail box again. There was a mail from CMU. I nervously opened the mail and I was asked to click a link to find out the result. I clicked that! Internet was way too slow and it took a while to open up. It was a flash file and it loaded slowly. The wait made me even more nervous. My roomie was also eagerly waiting with me breathing down my neck.

And finally the file got loaded and there were fireworks on my screen with a message displaying “Congratulations”. The very next moment I was jumping in joy!!

I was literally screaming and dancing. Synti immediately congratulated me. My heart felt light. CMU was on the top of the list of places I would go! I wanted to call everyone with this great news. Since it was already 1 at night, I decided to wait on and had a great nights sleep!