April 3rd and its over a month since I had my IIM interviews. My interview for Masters in Computational Finance at Carnegie Mellon University went pretty well too. I was quite sure that I would get at least 2 IIM admits between IIMA / IIMB / IIMC and also that I would get the MSCF admit too!

So I was pretty sure that rejecting a Columbia admit wouldn’t prove that detrimental at the end. But I felt uneasy and disturbed. Wasn’t myself during the entire weekend eagerly waiting for the MSCF results. Last night I got a freakish dream where I imagined myself with no admits at all and I was repenting for my decision over Columbia. I woke up from the nightmare and was happy to realize it was only a dream. With so much hopes pinned on the result that were to be released on April 4th I came home early from work.

I refreshed my mailbox every 5 minutes and checked the CMU site very frequently. But no sight of any results.!! Soon when Synti came from work and I ask him for a game of DotA. We play the game together for a couple of hours and I totally forgot about the result. Just before going to sleep I checked my mail box again. There was a mail from CMU. I nervously opened the mail and I was asked to click a link to find out the result. I clicked that! Internet was way too slow and it took a while to open up. It was a flash file and it loaded slowly. The wait made me even more nervous. My roomie was also eagerly waiting with me breathing down my neck.

And finally the file got loaded and there were fireworks on my screen with a message displaying “Congratulations”. The very next moment I was jumping in joy!!

I was literally screaming and dancing. Synti immediately congratulated me. My heart felt light. CMU was on the top of the list of places I would go! I wanted to call everyone with this great news. Since it was already 1 at night, I decided to wait on and had a great nights sleep!


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