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After taking the decision of joining CMU, I put down my papers and wanted to spend 2 months at home with my family. I desperately needed some time to reflect upon myself and to gear up for an amazing adventure that waits at CMU. It was finally May 30th and my last day at work. It was an amazing 3 years that I had at Morgan Stanley, Mumbai. I learnt a lot of things from the numerous mistakes that I had made in the past 3 years.

I met a lot of people, bid my adieu to grad mates, completed all my formalities and came back to my desk by noon. My team had become my second home. The bonds I had built were hard to break. I felt very sad that I was leaving. Natasha wrote me a nice little poem, something I will not forget in the years to come. I stayed at office till 8 pm after spending good quality time with everyone I knew at work. I had a tough time controlling the tears in my eyes as I parted ways. For the next few days I will be busy packing stuff and will leave soon for kerala where I will be spending time with my wing mates at IITM.

Two weeks after I got the admit from IIMA, the dilemma started. CMU was my choice but I couldn’t defend my decision well. I wasn’t sure whether that was the right decision. Getting into IIMA was hard and I had spent a better part of 3 years to finally achieve that. Everyone recommended me to go to IIMA as if it were a trivial choice to make. Sreejith and Mayur however suggested CMU.

Some of the positive points I was considering were:

MFE programs in the US:

1. Proximity to all the happening things in the Finance industry.

2. 12 to 18 months course duration — Lesser opportunity cost.

3. International exposure

MBA from IIM’s

1. Cheaper in terms of fees. (30k USD for 2 years)

2. Very good career services. 100% placements irrespective of economic downturns

3. Very well recognized in India

4. Broader range of career options

MFE was significantly costlier and riskier. So if my decision were to be CMU I had to be absolutely sure that five years down the line I would be a quant researcher and I would be loving my job. Among the various other job opportunities that IIMA would offer me I was only interested in finance jobs or taking up roles where I had a good amount of responsibility.

I wanted more time and hence I paid the initial non-refundable deposit to IIMA. I began to explore myself to make a decision. Math has always been my area of interest and that made me believe quant job would give me the required job satisfaction. I bugged Ashutosh Fonia at work often and he helped me think my way out. A long discussion with Sreejith on IIMA and my seniors at CMU helped matters.

I had finally decided to take the risk of joining CMU.

My father supported me well with my decision. I feel following my passion will help me achieve things. This meant I had to pay more fees, take on a bigger risk of not getting a good job and in short “follow the road not taken”. I might have been one among an elite few who don’t end up going to the IIM’s after admits from the top three. This was the first time in my life I was taking a decision against the advice of so many. This made me jittery and nervous but I hope I will not regret this decision later on! I am now all excited to be in CMU soon and follow my passion and experience the US education system.