After taking the decision of joining CMU, I put down my papers and wanted to spend 2 months at home with my family. I desperately needed some time to reflect upon myself and to gear up for an amazing adventure that waits at CMU. It was finally May 30th and my last day at work. It was an amazing 3 years that I had at Morgan Stanley, Mumbai. I learnt a lot of things from the numerous mistakes that I had made in the past 3 years.

I met a lot of people, bid my adieu to grad mates, completed all my formalities and came back to my desk by noon. My team had become my second home. The bonds I had built were hard to break. I felt very sad that I was leaving. Natasha wrote me a nice little poem, something I will not forget in the years to come. I stayed at office till 8 pm after spending good quality time with everyone I knew at work. I had a tough time controlling the tears in my eyes as I parted ways. For the next few days I will be busy packing stuff and will leave soon for kerala where I will be spending time with my wing mates at IITM.

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