VISA was the only thing in my way to CMU. I wanted to get that out of the way so that I can safely let IIMA admit go!. I reached Hyderabad on 4th June with all my luggage from Mumbai. I was to leave for Kerala on 6th June and be back on the 11th. I filled up all the necessary documents required for the VISA. I also just received the i20 form from college that finished the list of documents required for my VISA interview.

To my disappointment there was a slot open on 7th June and the next slot was 18th June. June 16th was the D-day for IIMA and I did not want to take the risk of scheduling my interview on the 18th. In a hurry I cancelled my kerala flights and booked the slot on 7th. I took all the necessary paper work and appeared for the interview on 7th. The interview lasted less than a minute and was a piece of cake. The Visa interviewer kept my passport telling me that VISA will be stamped and the passport mailed in 2 business days! As the last hurdle was also out of the way.

I booked a same day flight to Madurai to meet my friends in the middle of our previously planned kerala trip :)