Hi, I am Nanda Kishore. I hail from a small village in Anatapur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. I have done my B.Tech in Elec Engg from IIT Madras and now am working for Morgan Stanley as an IT Developer at Mumbai, India. I am passionate about Technology and always like to keep myself update with the latest advancements in technology. I also enjoy Finance and Macro Economics, especially reading about the complex relationships between the Economic policies and their impact on the financial markets. I love analytical puzzles and enjoy anything and everything that involves logic.

I like spending my spare time gaming (only multiplayer games) and going about places which are pristine. Though am not that physically fit of enduring arduous treks, I enjoy trekking once in a while. I have very recently cultivated the habit of reading novels before going to bed (I can’t express the pleasure of going to sleep reading a novel!!) . I am a die hard fan of A.R Rehman and relish music as a tool to get my spirits up whenever i am down, sad and lonely. I always had the dream of playing A.R Rehman music on keyboard, and lately i have been trying to learn keyboard (via youtube :D ). I love photography and like clicking nature, especially flowers. I am good at Bridge, Chess and the Rubik’s Cube.

Even though i am a little shy to begin with, i can get very very talkative (Beware!!). I believe in the philosophy that a smile is the cure to many problems in the world. If there was one message that i would advocate, It would definitely be “SMILE AND MAKE OTHERS SMILE”

Feel free to reach me at emailme@nandakishore.in