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Soon after my CMU admit I had already made up my mind of joining CMU. I wasn’t eagerly waiting for the IIM results! One fine morning IIMC released the results. That was the worst interview that happened according to me. My sister checked the results for me and told me I was 3rd on the waiting list!! That was a sure shot admit. Most of the top students get all the top 3 IIM admits and they prefer IIMA. So there was a high chance I would convert IIMC.

I took my entire team at office for a lunch at Little Italy for my CMU admit the same day. The treat had been pending for over a week now and finally everyone found the time out to come along. We had a lot of fun there and at the end I announced to the team that I almost made it to IIMC. The immediate response was “where is the next treat :P

I was very elated and was almost sure that I would clear IIMA and IIMB easily. I had done their interviews pretty well. The same day I began to wonder if in case I get IIMA would I change my mind and join there? I had been aiming to score well in CAT since 2008 and this was my 3rd attempt at it. I had finally done well in Verbal to get all the calls and had done well in my interviews too! Finally when the results were near I felt very uneasy ditching them.. IIMA had been my dream. Just attending the interview for WIMWI made me so happy that I would remember that moment for the rest of my life. I realized this would be a very tough call to make. Suddenly I began to pray not to get into IIMA.

I left home late and on my way Mayur called me up a couple of times. I thought that IIMB results were out too! Since I was on my way I gave him my test ID and he verified the results. He called me back to tell me that I had not made it. I was shell shocked. The interview went well. I had a decent profile and a very good CAT score too. I reached home in despair and wanted to check the results for myself. I looked my test ID and realized I had given the wrong one. The last two numbers had gotten interchanged. I keyed in the correct ID and then the result was there! I had made it through to IIMB. I called up Mayur to tell him I made it. The joy was there, so was the confusion too! What now of IIMA? The results were not out yet.

IIMA interview was near flawless. I had done extremely well, even to my expectations. I was 100% sure I would get through. I tried calling Sreejith and Namuna for some advice on IIMA without even waiting for the results. Next day morning my sister called me up when I was in the office to tell me I was selected to WIMWI too. I wasn’t as happy as the day of my interview. Confusion was all over me L 3 years of waiting and it was finally here. And all I do is not join?!? My manager and my teammates then congratulated me. Everyone reminded me as to how hard is it to get there. What were the odds that I would have made it to the top IIM’s? All the effort that went in to improve my English! From a 52%le in my first year to 85%le the second time and to 97.3%le the third time I took CAT, there was a remarkable improvement. Over 200,000 students gave the test and to score a 99.7%le was a great feat and then to have a strong enough profile to get interview calls and then convert all the three was just a dream come true for me.

I seriously started to consider joining IIMA over CMU and if I were to make the decision at this point in time I will be a WIMWI-an :)

April 3rd and its over a month since I had my IIM interviews. My interview for Masters in Computational Finance at Carnegie Mellon University went pretty well too. I was quite sure that I would get at least 2 IIM admits between IIMA / IIMB / IIMC and also that I would get the MSCF admit too!

So I was pretty sure that rejecting a Columbia admit wouldn’t prove that detrimental at the end. But I felt uneasy and disturbed. Wasn’t myself during the entire weekend eagerly waiting for the MSCF results. Last night I got a freakish dream where I imagined myself with no admits at all and I was repenting for my decision over Columbia. I woke up from the nightmare and was happy to realize it was only a dream. With so much hopes pinned on the result that were to be released on April 4th I came home early from work.

I refreshed my mailbox every 5 minutes and checked the CMU site very frequently. But no sight of any results.!! Soon when Synti came from work and I ask him for a game of DotA. We play the game together for a couple of hours and I totally forgot about the result. Just before going to sleep I checked my mail box again. There was a mail from CMU. I nervously opened the mail and I was asked to click a link to find out the result. I clicked that! Internet was way too slow and it took a while to open up. It was a flash file and it loaded slowly. The wait made me even more nervous. My roomie was also eagerly waiting with me breathing down my neck.

And finally the file got loaded and there were fireworks on my screen with a message displaying “Congratulations”. The very next moment I was jumping in joy!!

I was literally screaming and dancing. Synti immediately congratulated me. My heart felt light. CMU was on the top of the list of places I would go! I wanted to call everyone with this great news. Since it was already 1 at night, I decided to wait on and had a great nights sleep!


After the 3 minute interview I had for Columbia University, I was certain for sure that either they liked my profile that they wanted to admit me or they wanted to reject me. I was asked 3 questions – Why columbia? why MFE? and how will i fund my studies? Last year everyone who had an interview was either wait listed or admitted. So the chances were high :) From 24th feb, the last date for the interviews, I was eagerly checking my mail box every 2 hrs to see if i had an admit. It was a long wait. on 26th Night i had a dream that i got through. All excited i got up only to realize it was a dream. But to make sure, i got to my Mac and to my distraught! – NO Internet!! :(

I used my 3G on my mobile to find out what happened and after 15 mins of sync up! – No Email :( I went to office and for the entire day never looked at my inbox. I came home late from work and played dotA with synti till 1 PM. Just before going to bed, I opened my mail box and the “Most important” mail was there. The subject read – “Decision on your Columbia M.S. application”. My heart was in my mouth as i opened the mail. The second word said “Congratulations”. I was erupting in joy. I couldn’t read further and was getting very emotional. I stayed away from games for almost 9 months as i spent what ever free time that came my way improving English, giving GRE, CAT and GMAT in successive months. Then went through tough times writing SOP’s and essays and what not! It was a tough 9 months in my life and finally a sweet result — “COLUMBIA ADMIT”

My Facebook status as of now has over 70 likes and 50 comments! something i never got ever! ever!! :) (of course I am a boy! ;) ). I am all excited now and am eagerly waiting for MIT, CMU and my IIM results. It will be a tough next few months as i am now spoilt for choice :D . I dunno which option i will choose, but it is a very confusing choice to make. I will be talking to as many people as possible who can clear my doubts and help me make the decision. Though i don’t want to count the chicken before they hatch, I am now highly optimistic of my profile now that an IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL has considered me worthy :) \m/

November 26th 2011 witnessed another record go down to Vettlel. Nigel Mansell held the record for the maximum number of pole positions with 14 out of 16 races enroute to his world championship crown with Williams team. That year was one of the most single sided championship ever in F1′s history. With all the new rules and regulations in F1 trying to make it a competitive sport, no one ever imagined the record to be broken.

But here is Vettel, now a double world champion, broke the record with 15 poles at the Brazilian Grand Prix. When he equalled the record at the penultimate GP, lot of hype about him breaking the record put a lot of pressure on the 24 year old. It being the last race added more pressure as Vettel had only one shot at the record. This record just summarizes his dominance in a year which featured 5 world champions competing for the championship.

Friday’s qualifying was not that great for RedBull and the chances looked bleak. Brazilian GP is the only circuit where races drive counter-clockwise and has a lot of ups and downs making it one of the toughest races on the calendar. McLaren had a good car coming in to the final qualifying and Vettel had to produce an absolute blinder of a lap in order to make his claim on the coveted record.

In the final session, when all the world champions were making mistakes on the punishing circuit, Vettel kept his cool amidst all the pressure driving an absolute perfect lap and romped home in perfect style. He was the only one to break the 1 minute 12 second barrier just beating his teammate Webber by 1/10th of a second.
Just at the age of 24, the way he managed to keep his nerves and deliver despite the huge expectations to perform makes me feel jealous and at the same time look up to him for some inspiration!
– A Salute to the Master!

Sitting idle and bored at home i decided to buy LG optimus one and do some time pass with it. It was one phone i did a lot of research weeks before but decided against buying it, as it did not look like the “love at first” sight phone. Hesitatingly i bought the phone and once i sat down to play with it i realized what a gadget it was! just amazing. It was both the combination of an on board GPU and the power of android 2.2 (codenamed froyo), that amazed me. Being a tech enthusiast myself, i feel sad to have missed the android bandwagon when it was introduced more than a year ago. I doubt there would anyone who would not fall in love with the OS (open source at its very best)
It was the costliest phone i had bought till now costing me 10,370 INR. For more detailed specs of the phone look at GSM ARENA
Its a wonderful beast with 600 Mhz CPU and a dedicated Adereno 200 GPU (more than enough juice to run all the common apps out there in the market).
There are thousands and thousands of apps available in the android market just for every and anything that you can think of doing on your mobile. And the open source policy of android means you get everything for free( but with ads :( ) without any hacking or pirating. Some of the apps, mostly all the good games, do come at a premium. I almost spent 10 hrs at a stretch playing and exploring my mobile the very first day i got it. The touch screen on this one feels so cool and responsive than that of my old mobile Samsung Star (resistive touch screen)
Here is a list of all the very cool features/apps i found on my mobile: (this list is in no way exhaustive)
1. Contacts automatically get synced up with Google account and Facebook account. Absolutely amazing feature to have. I had no contacts on my mobile and once i logged onto my FB account, i had the phone numbers of all my friends along with their profile pics automatically! That means you no longer need to keep status messages like – New Phone | Please ping me your number :P
2. All the necessary social networking that you do on a comp is now so convenient with all the cool apps and widgets that come with android.
3. Skype: I dont think this needs any introduction :)
4. Dropbox: store any files you need online and then access it through your PC
5. Advanced Task killer: must needed app to clear all the running apps to free up memory
6. Gtasks: Good organizer on the run
7. Raaga: One can access all the latest songs free of cost (good for south indian languages n hindi)
8. Angry birds: The best game on android now
9. Aldiko Book library: I could get all the classic novels free of cost. The UI is cool and the font is apt for reading on a phone
10. Google Maps: You will never get lost with this intuitive and user friendly app
11. Think Free Office: for all the document editing/ viewing needs on the fly

Vettel won the first race of the 2011 season, Australian GP. No one in the pack really even had a chance of competing for the win. No one could even match the pace of vettel both in the race and even in the qualifying. He was one second faster than the 2nd place hamilton, in what was the most one sided qualifying i have seen till now. Even though the red bull had a good package coming in to the australian GP, Vettel still could manage a second faster than his teammate webber on his home GP, quite consistently.
He today snatched the pole again from hamilton by a whisker in the Malaysian GP. As a die hard fan of vettel i wish to see him drive a perfect race (pole to finish)

Almost 2 years back, when i first saw the young Vettel winning a wet race on minardi, I started admiring him. And now he becomes the youngest ever formula 1 champion after winning the Abu Dhabhi GP in great style (pole to finish). What a great season it turned out to be this time with the last race being a four way battle for the title. Vettel was the true worthy champion at the end. He had a record equalling 10 pole positions and even with his ill fated luck this season (with his highly unreliable car) he emerged the champion. A special quality in Vettel that i admire him for: his gutty determination and everlasting hope to succeed. Given the way he crawled his way back from 4th place in the championship with 3 wins of the last 4 GP’s, he inspires me never to lose hope and always give it the best no matter what the conditions are.. Truly amazing you are: Vettel!