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November 26th 2011 witnessed another record go down to Vettlel. Nigel Mansell held the record for the maximum number of pole positions with 14 out of 16 races enroute to his world championship crown with Williams team. That year was one of the most single sided championship ever in F1′s history. With all the new rules and regulations in F1 trying to make it a competitive sport, no one ever imagined the record to be broken.

But here is Vettel, now a double world champion, broke the record with 15 poles at the Brazilian Grand Prix. When he equalled the record at the penultimate GP, lot of hype about him breaking the record put a lot of pressure on the 24 year old. It being the last race added more pressure as Vettel had only one shot at the record. This record just summarizes his dominance in a year which featured 5 world champions competing for the championship.

Friday’s qualifying was not that great for RedBull and the chances looked bleak. Brazilian GP is the only circuit where races drive counter-clockwise and has a lot of ups and downs making it one of the toughest races on the calendar. McLaren had a good car coming in to the final qualifying and Vettel had to produce an absolute blinder of a lap in order to make his claim on the coveted record.

In the final session, when all the world champions were making mistakes on the punishing circuit, Vettel kept his cool amidst all the pressure driving an absolute perfect lap and romped home in perfect style. He was the only one to break the 1 minute 12 second barrier just beating his teammate Webber by 1/10th of a second.
Just at the age of 24, the way he managed to keep his nerves and deliver despite the huge expectations to perform makes me feel jealous and at the same time look up to him for some inspiration!
– A Salute to the Master!

Vettel won the first race of the 2011 season, Australian GP. No one in the pack really even had a chance of competing for the win. No one could even match the pace of vettel both in the race and even in the qualifying. He was one second faster than the 2nd place hamilton, in what was the most one sided qualifying i have seen till now. Even though the red bull had a good package coming in to the australian GP, Vettel still could manage a second faster than his teammate webber on his home GP, quite consistently.
He today snatched the pole again from hamilton by a whisker in the Malaysian GP. As a die hard fan of vettel i wish to see him drive a perfect race (pole to finish)